Getting a C-Arm? Know your installer’s responsibilities.

When purchasing a C-Arm, there may come a set of responsibilities with the purchase. Not just from the user’s end, but also form the installers end.
Below you can find the responsibilities you are likely to face along with the most important duties your installer has to conduct.

When purchasing medical imaging equipment, a medical facility does have two primary responsibilities that need to be conducted for efficient use in compliance with state laws. This includes:

• The medical facility needs to be in compliance with state regulations and registration when the facility receives new equipment.
• The medical facility needs to book a licensed radiation physician to conduct an inspection of the equipment.

Further to that, the installer also needs to be in compliance with their own responsibilities.
The installation of a mobile C-Arm isn’t as involved as the installation of fixed imaging equipment like CT scanners or R/F rooms. However, it would definitely pay to have a field engineer to take care of two primary responsibilities that are assigned to them. This includes:

• Functional testing.

A reputable firm providing C-Arms will perform functional checks along with dose checks before the system leaves their facility. However, during the shipping process, the system is likely to face changes. Having a trained engineer for C-Arm equipment is guaranteed to provide stress-free usage.

• FDA 2579 Documentation.

This form is an official report of assembly for an x-ray system. The form should be filed with the FDA and the state of the provider and should be filled out by the provider installing the system. The physician on the user’s end would be verifying the accuracy of the information provided by the installer.

To be able to prevent delays and start using the new C-Arm as soon as possible, it is essential to be in compliance with the necessary requirements and responsibilities of the equipment.

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