Best 3 C-Arms for your practice.

Entering into the new year means better medical practices for patients all around the world. However, for this to be applicable, users would have to keep track of and identify the best value of equipment for their practices.
Amber USA has found that in most conversations, the following equipment stands out the most due to the ability to strike a balance between reliability, cost, and clinical function.

OEC 6800.
This classic mini C-Arm is of an older age but provides imaging just as good as newer models with 1k by 1k imaging. While GE doesn’t support these systems anymore, the machine has gained quite a reputation for its parts crossover with the OEC 9800. This means that the market for parts is still left with more years based on the OEC 9800. On top of that, with newer mini-C-Arm models, there is a good chance medical facilities can pick these systems up for cheaper than ever before.

OEC 9800.
Over time, it has been found that this model has started to soften since the OEC FD elite units have begun to grow. Through statistical estimates, it has been observed that the market for this device has dropped to up to 12% since the beginning of the year 2018.
With additional accessories becoming more affordable as well, it would be an excellent time to target this gold-standard equipment.

Siemens Arcadis Varic.
For orthopedic and pain management practices looking for a quality designed 1k by 1k image unit, this device would be the perfect option.

Looking for the right imaging equipment can be tough. Fortunately, there are a variety of options based on price, design, and preference available to cater to customer needs and as for the right vendor? – Amber USA.

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