Lost your FDA 2579 form? Amber USA is here to help!

In some instances, some medical facilities may have to face the unfortunate event of losing their FDA 2579 form. While this scenario is rare, it is bound to happen at times.

If an imaging facility is unable to provide a completed FDA 2579 form for each x-ray system in the building, they may be subject to be written up in violation to federal requirements and may be associated with penalties.

The following are a few ways for an imaging facility to get their hands on another copy of the FDA 2579 form.

Contact the Assembler.
The fastest bet should be to call the company that issued the equipment to the facility. Since the assembler is provided the responsibility to fill out the form, there is a good chance they would be left with a copy.

Contact the State.
The state radiological health department is likely to provide a facility with the document they need based on a request. If the original vendor isn’t available, the next most likely place to have a copy of the file would be the state.

Have the FDA contacted.
A third option to obtaining a copy could be to contact the FDA itself. This process may be slightly more time-consuming. However, when it comes down to it, it might be a good option.

Freedom of Information Act.
If the other options have failed to work, the facility might be able to file for an FOIA request for securing a copy of the required form from the FDA. This would only be a good option as a last resort since it would take a significant amount of time to complete this procedure.

Maintaining documents can be hectic with everything else going on during the installation process. It’s a good thing Amber USA has your back.

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