Can A Spouse Be Sued For Libel In A Divorce?

The process of Family law controversies can be incredibly complicated while tension and stress may often reach its peak. However, it may not be uncommon to find that one spouse is writing about the other or one parent has something negative to write about the other.
In most cases, these statements are typically considered as a usual procedure in divorce, alimony court case, or child custody hearing.

So what exactly is Defamation or Libel?

Communication can be considered defamatory if it is a false statement or has the potential to damage a person’s reputation. However, it is more than just any lie. It can be understood as an intentional lie which causes an individual to suffer specific harm. A written defamatory statement is considered as a libel.

Elements of a successful lawsuit for libel:

A successful lawsuit for libel can be completed by proving the following:

• If the statement that is written is false.
• If the writing was a fact. An individual cannot be sued for stating their opinion.
• The writing injures the reputation of the individual.
• The statement should be published.
• The statement caused harm. For a written statement it is permanent and could cause continuous damage.

Family law can generally cause one spouse or the other to say things that are harmful about the other. In some instances, these statements could be untrue or hurtful. If a spouse has been a victim of Defamation, contacting an appropriate Orlando FL divorce attorney would be able to provide the necessary information to identify if the situation can be taken to court with the required evidence.

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