4 Best Audit Management Software

4 Best Audit Management Software

Have you come across any technology that can help you in analyzing the business risk and effectiveness of the internal operations? Companies need to be audited because it is the only way to reduce the risk against loss. Audits are a crucial part of every company, whether it’s small, mid-sized, or large. Every company should undergo auditing as it gives them a clear picture of the business operations’ internal and external factors.

The audit management software has the capability to analyze the enterprise’s risk across different departments simultaneously without having any conflict. It enables auditors to make amendments when the program is running. It covers several aspects, right from the detailed feedback to making the alteration. Moreover, it helps you to understand the needs of the business.

If you are looking for the audit software, then take a look at the list of the 4 best audit software.

A-List of the Best 4 Audit Management Software

1. Audit Boards

Audit Boards is the trustworthy and leading cloud-based platform that has enabled organizations to streamline their audit process. It is easy to use, affordable, and advanced solution for companies who want to simplify their audit tasks. With this platform, you can perform your testing, PBC’s, and CSA’s in multiple locations.

Following are the rich-features of this platform:-

● Workstream surveys, which can be used to ask SOX control owners for updates.
● The single-input concept is a time-saver and mistake eraser.
● The ABI tool is beneficial at saving time in reporting to management.
● Its charts and stats make it easy for the team to manage the workload.

2. Gensuite

Gensuite is one of the most popular and award-winning audit software that can track, review, approve, and mitigate its risk. This software has built trust on the internet by offering comprehensive solutions at cost-effective pricing. If you want to manage all the complex challenges efficiently, then Gensuite is the perfect audit software for you. From responsible sourcing, asset management, security, and product stewardship, it can tackle all kinds of audit tasks effortlessly. You can simplify your audit planning process with the help of its miraculous features.

Following are the rich-features of this platform:-
● Dashboard.
● Compliance management.
● Multi-year planning.
● Issue management.
● Risk assessment.

3. Team Mate+

TeamMate + is a highly configurable audit software that helps auditors to streamline all aspects of the audit process. This software simplifies the complex work of organizations across the globe. It enables auditors to identify the risk, and generate assessment reports, manage audits, capture time, schedule projects, and track audits.

Following are the features of this platform:-
● The issue tracker.
● Alert/notification.
● Dashboard.
● Mobile access.
● Risk assessment.
● Task management.
● Workflow management.
● Audit planning.

4. Audit Master

Audit Master is developed by the HGI group, the manufacturer of cost-effective and advanced business management tools. Its audit management software has a streamlined interface, which helps in streamlining the assessment, and responsible for auditing, highlighting the improvement areas, ensuring procedural compliance, document corrective action, and support management review. This intuitive audit application has everything you want in the perfect audit software. Best of all, it is highly customizable. The auditor can customize the program as per the needs of the enterprises.

Following are the rich-features of this platform:-
● The layout of this software is intuitive and visually appealing.
● Responsible for conducting audits as per the needs of the industry.
● Customizable fields.
● Alert/ notification.
● Fast and searching option.
● A built-in calendar that will ensure an auditor will never miss his audit planning.
● Cost-effective.

Choosing the best audit management software helps you to plan, manage, and schedule audit programs easily. It is our observation that the software on top of the list that demonstrates a commitment to regulation and makes your auditing task simple is Audit Manager by HGI.

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