What NOT To Do When The AC Is Down

The heat in Florida can be unbearable in a state as warm as Florida, USA. This especially applies when the AC goes out. Generally, people often ponder about the time it would take for a Lake Mary AC repair specialist to be available for instant repair. This, in turn, leads to an attempt by homeowners to try fixing or finding their own solutions to the problems with the air conditioner.

When attempting to find any possible solutions as an unlicensed, inexperienced individual regarding AC repair, a few of the following steps can be performed at least:

1.Taking the time to troubleshoot before calling an AC specialist.
2.Checking the power and fuse box.
3.Turning on the fan of the AC which would help identify if there is an issue with the blower.
4.Checking the thermostat.
5.Checking the Air filter.
If none of these steps for troubleshooting the problem are able to resolve the issue. The following are steps that should NOT be performed when the Air Conditioner stops working.

1.Opening the freezer in an attempt to blow the cold air out with a fan.
Although not initially dangerous, the longer the freezer door is kept open, the more likely the contents inside are prone to melt.
2.Taking apart the Air Conditioner.
Even if familiar with what is being done, taking apart an older AC unit could cause brittle parts to break or get damaged. There isn’t much that can be done until a trained specialist arrives.
3.Using duct tape to tape pieces back together after being severed.
4.Using a sledgehammer in an attempt to try fixing the problem in frustration.
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