Quality refurbished bone densitometers on the market.

A bone densitometer is a specific type of x-ray system that is used for the measurement of the calcium in the bones and for reflecting the bone density of a patient and whether he/she is at risk of bone fracture. While there have been a significant amount of releases for bone densitometer equipment, Amber USA has devised this list of the more popular refurbished bone densitometer systems on the market.

• General Electric (GE) systems.
– Lunar DPX Duo.
This system was the first DEXA bone densitometer in the world. This device is known for providing high-performance scanning and clinical utility. Through these systems, low radiation is guaranteed in addition to obtaining x-rays for two of the most vital clinical areas – the spine and the femur.

– Lunar DPX Bravo.
These systems provide quality diagnostic techniques in addition to offering high-performance scanning and clinical utility.

– Lunar Prodigy.
This system can scan the spine, femur, dual femur and the total body and allows doctors to assess whether the patient is experiencing vertebral fractures through high-resolution images.

• Hologic systems.
– Discovery Series Hologic.
These devices are the most advanced in the bone densitometer QDR series and combines the measurement of bone mineral density and the vertebral assessment in the fastest way to obtain results.

– QDR 4500.
The entire family of these systems consists of four modular systems, offers quick scanning, and issues high-resolution images by using the latest fan beam and high-density multi-detector array technology.

– Delphi QDR.
These systems offer spine phantom, body mineral density measurement, and instant vertebral assessment. It also provides digital image processing and reports handling.

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