How to brighten your C-Arm images in 3 ways.

When working with an OEC 9800 with a large number of patients on a busy day, you may expect to make use of your personal preferences anywhere it’s convenient.

Fortunately, the 9800 allows a variety of convenient ways to expand your preferences, more so when you want to see your live fluoroscopic procedure with improved brightness.

This can be done in two ways:

• Manually.

The most obvious way to increase your contrast and brightness is of course – the brightness buttons available on the monitor cart keyboard. Through these options, you would be able to adjust the images to your preference. Additionally, if the keypad is on the same side you are working, it would be more convenient for you.

• Two-for-one.

This option is available on your C-Arm control keypad and uses the conjoined contrast/brightness option to increase or decrease the brightness at the same time with a single button. This option is convenient if you are working on the opposite side of the monitor cart.

• Automated.

Pressing this auto button available on your C-Arms onboard keypad or monitor cart keyboard would tell the system to adjust the brightness and contrast according to incoming image data. These protocols were introduced as an attempt to provide optimal levels of contrast and brightness to users. After the protocol has been activated, the option to deactivate this protocol and adjust the contrast and brightness to your preference is available.

In most cases, the manufacturers of C-Arm systems have added a safe and reliable way to improve brightness with the push of a single button. If you need further assistance in tending to your C-Arm needs, feel free to contact Amber USA.

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