Digital Marketing in 2020 & Pandemic Era

PTON stock grew by 246% in 2020

With the vast changes and advancements of current technologies, small to medium businesses constantly find themselves doing everything possible to keep up with this evolution and changes with pandemic. With that being said, companies are doing everything possible to coordinate with the pace to gain advantages from the role of Digital Marketing for their businesses.

Pandemic Era Online Businesses Grew x5 or More

With Pandemic, half of the companies in the world now letting their staff to work from home. Which triggers millions of businesses to bloom through online. Companies like, Uber Eats, Prime Daily Deliveries, Doordash and many more companies that did online deliveries started to bloom rapidly. Now how can your company be successful in these type of scenarios in current market? You need to start investing more time, money and energy into your Digital Marketing Efforts.

PTON Stock 2020 Grew by 246%

PTON stock grew by 246% in 2020


In 2020 Amazon Stock Grew by 86%

Amazon stock grew by 86% in 2020

Organizations are either channeling their companies into a digital one or trying to upgrade their existing marketing procedures using digital methods with current trend. The primary thought that may spring to mind here is – What is the role of Digital Marketing and how can it help a business. Digital Marketing efforts allow you to put forward a more dynamic approach as part of an online Marketing framework. Digital Marketing is stated to appear as the ultimate destiny of marketing techniques and is said to outperform all conventional marketing moves.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Mediums

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Online Ad Space Purchases
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Video Marketing

Digital marketing provides an equitable chance to all types of businesses that prefer to move forward using online branding and advertising. It is the process of attracting targeted audiences online that would show the difference between successfully thriving businesses and failed businesses. Even if a company receives significant daily traffic to their website, it wouldn’t exactly amount to anything if that traffic doesn’t convert to leads and sales. In the digital arena, using a variety of Digital Marketing techniques & strategies which should be the primary tools for providing business owners with the best changes for competition, survival and also business growth.

Why implementing correct digital marketing strategies would be not only a wise investment but also an effective marketing channel to expand the growth of your business.

  1. Digital marketing provides a competitive industry for marketing.
    Small to medium-sized businesses can now be provided with the chance to attract their share of target audiences. These businesses are also offered the benefit of the resources and marketing processes that were previously only available to large companies.
  2. Digital marketing is cost-effective compared to conventional marketing.
    Small businesses typically have a lower level of resources and capitalization. For that reason, Digital Marketing is a perfect choice since it offers a much more cost-effective channel that would deliver results.
  3. Better revenue can be generated through digital marketing.
    Effective digital marketing techniques would be able to deliver a load of profitable benefits for your business in terms of revenue and cost-saving.
  4. Digital marketing allows interaction with the targeted audience.
    Interacting and offering customers with engagement points might be able to give your company insight on what is required by your targeted audiences.
  5. Digital marketing builds the reputation of your brand.
    If your company is able to deliver what is promised, it will help you develop a better relationship with your targeted audiences which, in turn, will offer your company with the advantage of improved brand image and reputation.

The best way to obtain Digital Marketing benefits for your company is to hire the right marketing firm that fits your budget and needs to provide you with the Digital Marketing assistance you need. Washeen Orlando SEO Experts and Web Market Florida are two companies we have reviewed in few of our past articles that we can recommend, when it comes to knowledge and trust worthiness. But it is always a good thing to compare services and have a Digital marketing plan for yourself. 

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