Reasons For Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can become an issue for many aspects in a household including being able to have a proper shower, dishwashing work, and a whole lot of other problems. It’s vital to try figuring out what causes low water pressure at attempt to fix it as soon as possible to get back to optimal performance at home.

Corroded iron pipes are generally the most common reason for low water pressure. In older homes, there is a widespread presence of galvanized iron pipes that are possibly corroded other the many years of use. All the collected corrosion then eventually causes a restriction in water flow. Fortunately for homeowners, there is usually a solution for this issue.

For the repair, it is essential to know that shutting off the water for the house and removing the valves would assist. Cleaning the pipe by chipping the corroded material can be done using a screwdriver and hammer. The valves can then be reconnected, and excess debris can be flushed out.

Another reason for low water pressure could be due to a fault in the pressure regulator. Pressure regulators don’t often need to be adjusted, although, they sometimes do go bad and cause pressure to go down in a house. For this issue, hiring a plumber to inspect and replace the regulator could help the pressure go back up again.

Other problems for low water pressure could be caused by leaking or turned off pipes and values.

If any of these solutions have been attempted and the presence of low water pressure is still an issue, calling in a professional Orlando plumbing expert should be the next step.

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