How Much Can a Security Camera System Cost You?

Many people have adopted security cameras due to increased insecurity cases. There is a need to protect business premises and homes from burglars. Installing a good and reliable security camera system is convenient for many people since it provides peace of mind for the security of personal belonging. Having a security camera system in your home and premises is ideal for you, and the cost is nothing but a penny. Now, let’s go down and find out the approximate cost of security camera systems you’ll find today in the market (Fort Myers Home Security Camera Installation).

Cost of Different Types of Security Camera Systems

 To begin with, the cost of installing a security camera system depends on the type. There are three security camera systems: CCTV, IP, and PYZ. The cost to install a CCTV security camera system is $150 to$450 per camera, while the for a camera system is $600 to $1600. IP security camera system goes for $125 to $400 per camera, while the four-camera system goes for $500 to $1500.The cost of installing a sound security system depends on whether it is wired, wireless, or wire-free, including the lab and security. Many people prefer to purchase the wire-free and wireless security camera system since you can do it yourself, saving the cost of hiring a professional-security camera system from $511 to $1620.

Suppose you are a homeowner looking to install a home security camera system. In that case, it costs you $500 to $1600, while eight video surveillance system costs $1000 to $2500, including the labor and setup. Professional labor rates range from $80 to $200 per camera setup and installation.

A Wired a Security Camera System.

This type of security camera system requires hiring a professional since it involves drilling holes. A four-camera wired security system costs $600 to $2000. The average cost of the wired security system is $150 to $500 per camera, which depends on the type of labor rates.

A Wireless Security Camera System

The wireless security camera systems are ideal where Wi-Fi is available because the security footage is transmitted through Wi-Fi, but it requires wired power. This system costs $130 to $400 per camera, depending on the brand type and labor. The wire-free security camera system costs $0 to $40 for installation (Fort Myers Home Security Camera Installation).

Security Camera Systems By Type.

CCTV Security Camera Installation Costs.

CCTV systems work 24 hours a day. They are suitable to monitor around workplaces and homes. Wired systems cost more to install. The installation of the CCTV costs $100 to $200 on labor per camera. The license for the storage of videos will cost $30 and $60 per camera. The pricing per camera is $150 to $450. A two-camera system costs $300 to $900, while a four-camera system costs $600 to $1600.

IP Security Camera Installation Cost.

Internet protocol has wireless requires internet, while the normal installation charges are $125 to $400 per camera for material and labor charges. The two-camera security system costs $250 to $800, while the four-camera security system goes for $500 to $1500.

PTZ Security Camera System

Pan tilt zoom can tilt in all directions, monitor pre-set locations, and auto-track movement. It costs $100 to $400 per camera and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Mini Home Security Camera.

These cameras record for 24 hours and can be disguised in various places, such as clocks. It costs $20 to 350 and can be installed once purchased. The costs according to the security camera resolution cost $45 to $250 each on low resolution. High resolution costs $60 to $350. The motion detection cost $20 to $50 while integrated cost $40 to %150 each.

Other costs of security camera systems depend on:

·Field of view.

·Night vision and infrared illuminator.

·Video footage.

·Local storage.

·Cloud storage

·Power source.

Wiring and Connectivity.

To conclude, it is evident that good security comes at a cost at which one will be guaranteed peace of mind. If you want to find the best deals for security camera installation in FL, we recommend Fort Myers Home Security Camera Installation company “CSS Tech.” CSS Tech has amazing deals, high quality products and the best service in town. Don’t trust our word for it, you can contact them today and have a real experience of what they offer.

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