Seal Shield Infection control keyboards

An infection control keyboard is a computerized device which helps the hospital front line to reduce the transmission of hospital acquired infections(HAIs). The battle of infection prevention receives a first-grade support by this keyboard which is absolutely important to reduce the hazardous growth of death rate of HAI acquisition. Then how does seal shield infection control keyboards are different from others and perform a better service? The answer includes several points where it proves that this keyboard is the best infection control keyboard available in the market.

Infection control keyboard seal shield
At first, the wireless seal shield infection control keyboards are 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged in hospital grade disinfectant solutions or can be washed in an automatic dishwasher by spending less time and effort. It will flush away the pathogens grown in between and under the keys by making no effect to the internal electronic circuits. Next, these keyboards can be cleaned by spraying and wiping the open common touch surface of the keys by using germicide wipes. The seal shield keyboards are made to the standard type and have flat keys. So, it allows to wipe and sanitize the surface by removing the bacteria, viruses, liquid spills, dust, and mildew. Another added advantage is that these keyboards don’t have to be disconnected from power to wipe by increasing the performance of the hospital staff and accommodating patient’s requirements as fast as possible. The most influential feature is the antimicrobial additive which fights against the bacterial cross contamination. This additive requires no replacement as disposable keyboard covers which remains an additional cost and work overhead again. Some of the antimicrobial additives are silver made and provide a natural sense of resistant against biological actions of pathogens. Seal shield infection control keyboard is a fruitful product that can purchase based on the value by the disinfection practitioners. Also, this keyboard is compatible with the IT department by the standard structure which provides quick data entry and the backlit keyboards keys to work in a low light environment with no patient disruption as well. Check Seal Shield Wireless Mouse.