Medical Grade Keyboard

A medical research conducted by the University of California shows the fact that 25% of hospital keyboards tested positive for pathogenic microorganisms’ presence. So, we can conclude that a typical PC keyboard in a healthcare environment would be an ideal breeding ground for bacteria because of the collected dust and debris which are not able to clean for a longer period. Therefore, the hospital disinfectant staff need a cost-beneficial solution to reduce the disease rate. The seal shield medical grade keyboard is coming with the exact preferred option for this problem. Seal shield medical grade keyboards has a bundle of benefits for disinfection process as it paired with the most developed international infection control technologies. Also check TAA Compliant Keyboard

Simply, a medical grade keyboard is a keyboard which is preventing the entering and lodging of germs, resistant to in-house microbial actions and can immediately clean and sterilized to remove the harmful microorganisms. The seal shield medical grade keyboards fulfill all the requirements of a medical keyboard, as it is fully washable and made of antimicrobial materials. The drains and unsealed internal areas of the keyboard casing allow the tiny solid particles to enter and form sludge. But the medical grade keyboards can be washed thoroughly by submerging in commercialized disinfectant solutions and flush out the lodged dust and debris of internal cavities of the keyboard quickly. Another interesting advantage is these medical grade keyboards is that they can be used immediately after cleaning which is quite effective and time-saving. Also, the seal shield medical grade keyboard has an embedded additive for antimicrobial protection. So, it reduces the rate of entering of disease causing germs and reduces the disease spreading. The seal shield antimicrobial technology gives a level of protection between cleaning procedures as well by proving the seal shield medical grade keyboards.