How to tell if Diamonds are Real

How to tell if Diamonds are Real

Diamonds are an expensive affair. Suppose you are not well aware of the components and structures of diamonds in detail. In that case, it won’t be hard to fool you by promoting moissanite as a diamond to you. To prevent yourself from investing in fake diamonds, it is essential that you become aware of how you can verify a diamond and its purity. In this blog, we are mentioning several ways following which you can determine whether a diamond is fake or real.

How to tell if diamonds are real?

This guide is practical and useful for people who are not educated on diamonds. Since it’s not possible for people to carry a diamond expert with them at all times, these tips should come in handy during your visit to look at diamonds for purchase.

Testing in Water

This is one of the simplest tests which can determine whether your purchase of diamonds was a worthy investment or a fraud. You have to fill a glass with water till it is 75% full. Drop the stone in the glass full of water, and in case the gemstone sinks in, then you have yourself a real diamond. Since real diamonds have a higher density compared to fake ones, they sink down to the bottom of the glass. Fake gems, on the other hand, will either remain afloat or underneath the water surface.

The fog test

Diamonds are good conductors of heat; that is why they dissipate fog faster. To use the fog test method to check whether the diamond is real or fake, all you have to do is place the stone between your fingers and puff some air on it. Due to the moisture present in a moment, there is going to be a light fog formed on the stone. But if the fog fades away in a moment, then the stone is a real diamond. If it takes longer than that, then the stone is a fake. 

Check mount and setting.

Since diamonds are costly gemstones, they are usually set in materials like platinum, gold, and halo or side stone settings. Along with that, you can also look for hallmark and P.T. markings. They determine the purity of gold and platinum, respectively. If you see the marking C.Z. on the ring or ornament, then you would want to avoid it altogether because it is cubic zirconia and not the real deal. Diamonds are heat resistant, and when heated, they disperse the heat quickly.

The U.V. light test

A real diamond under U.V. light way will emit a blue glow. However, there are several diamonds that are real but do not emit a blue-colored glow. This is one of the main reasons why the U.V. light test for diamonds cannot be considered conclusive. U.V. light test at times does not provide a definitive answer at times because even if a stone is not glowing under U.V. light’s presence, it may not be fake. 

Check whether the stone shatters after heating.

Diamonds are extremely strong and don’t respond to heat. But materials like zirconia or lass expand quickly under heat and thus shatter after experiencing heat for some time. If you heat a diamond for 40 seconds and drop it in a glass of cold water, it will show no reaction. The heat proves the quality of the stone and resolves the question of whether or not the stone is a real diamond. 


Above are the different ways by which one can test whether they have purchased a real diamond or a fake one. Since diamonds are costly, it is always advised to conduct your tests and verify whether your purchase is a genuine and smart investment or you have gotten yourself into fraud. Having said that, you can also bring your diamond examiner with you, but it is not a feasible or accessible option. For people who cannot visit the jewelry shop, Rare carat is one of the premium diamond dealers on the internet. By vouching for their stone’s authenticity and purity, rare carat is known for its diamonds. These methods can also be used for ornaments that are already present in homes, such as inherited jewelry and gifted ornaments. For very expensive ornaments, one needs to consider visiting the right dealer to avoid getting involved in a sham. 

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