Our Corrective Action Software or CAPA Software has been designed to make it easier for businesses to face and resolve issues that arise in the implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive actions.

It is important to note that issues must not just be addressed, but feasible solutions and corrective actions must be taken to prevent such problems from arising in the future as well.

That is why we have based our focus on the resolution of issues and also necessary documentation of records of issues in our CAPA Software. In our Corrective Actions Software, provision has been made for users to record all details of an issue including affected parts, personnel, locations and other references.

Not just that, the responsibility of resolution of issues can be assigned to the employees involved in the process, and the process can be secured by providing access to only those who require it. Added security does not mean reduced functionality.

Those who have been given access can manage and control all remedial action needs around the clock from anywhere in the world. Our CAPA Software also keeps track of corrective actions taken by each team member until the issue has been resolved. It acts as a centralized system for users to record non-conformities, track corrective measures and to document the entire process in the meantime.

Our CAPA Software functions as a knowledge hub for users as and when it is needed. All records of issues are stored and are available to be accessed by users who have been given access as and when required.

To further facilitate this, search queries are available for our clients to access the records they need easily and efficiently without having to go through the entire database. We can guarantee you that our Corrective Actions Software is the world-class solution that you’ve been looking for all this time.