Our Corrective Action Software or CAPA Software has been designed to make it easier for businesses to face and resolve issues that arise in the implementation of appropriate corrective and preventive actions. It is important to note that issues must not just be addressed, but feasible solutions and corrective actions must be taken to prevent […]

Seal Shield Waterproof Mice

The seal shield waterproof mice are also known as fully washable medical computer mice. The importance of these mice is increasing day by day parallel to increasing of cross contamination infections transmittance. These mice are covering one of the crucial importance of a medical mouse, the waterproofness. The waterproof mice are capable of locking the […]

Silicone Keyboards From Seal Shield

The best way to get a flexible style keyboard is to buy a silicone keyboard which encounters with several adjustable physical features. These keyboards can be supported for several MIS environments by possessing outstanding features which are familiar to users on subject wise. The typical silicone keyboards are merely flexible and changeable. They are made […]